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The 1st Board Game autoMagically Personalized via Facebook!
Our proprietary Algorithm automatically finds photos you would most likely pick for your game leveraging data from Facebook

Fun for all Ages
Two sets of Instructions accommodate adults and children (ages 6 and up)
ADULT: Re-live your favorite memories while skillfully challenging each other
CHILDREN: Your child becomes the star with their picture front and center. Game plays as a memory game uncovering matching photos
Love at first Sight
First impressions count and this one is guaranteed to be remembered!
QUALITY: We're all about details from our open-air box cover (showcasing your photos without even opening the box), to the nickel-coated player pawns we have all the bases covered.
SHIPPING: We manufacture within 3 days, then provide tracking for WorldWide, US Standard and Next Day shipping. Manufactured and shipped from California.

About Lovopoly

Founded in 2005, Lovopoly's mission is to provide the most unique personalized gift on the market. Fueled by innovative ideas, a passion for technology and the motivation to make people happy.
Enjoy life! We do. Pass it on.

Why is this gift so great?

The reason this gift is received so well is because it's a gift about your life! Friends, Family, Loved Ones and Kids will all get enjoyment by having their own PicturePlay Lovopoly game.

I originally developed the gamesheet for my girlfriend (now wife) and she thought it was the most romantic gift I had ever given her. It's something that is about us and I know she will keep it forever (a little different from the jewelry box I gave her last year).

We receive emails every day from customers that had to voice their amazement at the quality of the game. We thank you and promise to continue providing the highest quality game, website and all around service.

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Privacy Policy

Privacy matters and is always at the top of our minds. All information we access is used to improve your experience and design your Lovopoly board game. The following outlines the information we access and how it's used.

We reserve the right to use this data in other ways beyond what's mentioned below. Innovation is extremely important to us. We actively engineer new and creative ways to improve your experience on our site and with our products.

Access Basic Information

To help personalize your experience on our website, we use information like your Name, Profile Picture, User ID. This information makes it possible for you to register with our website with 1 click via "Login with Facebook".

Access My Profile Information

Likes and other details from your profile help us prioritize your photos autoMagically for you. This is our secret sauce and what makes designing your game even easier.

Access My Family & Relationships

Similar to your profile information above, knowing more about your relationships helps us better rank your photos. You might be more inclined to use photos because of your relationships with the individuals in the photo.

Access My Photos

This one is probably more obvious. We need access to your photos so that we can download and design you board game.

Access My Videos

Interestingly enough, we are not accessing your Videos, this permission is being requested because in order to access your Photo Tags, the Tag permission is a combination of Photo/Video.

Send Me Email

In an effort to minimize the amount of data you have to fill out when purchasing your game, we pull your email address and autoPopulate it for you.

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Game Instructions (Adult)

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Game Instructions (Adult)